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I'm Aniket Kotal, an India based Vue.js developer/Student @ Parul University, with never-stopping love for learning new tech. I am specialising in Web Development with Vue.js, Express, MongoDB and Node.js. I am passionate about the Internet and how we can design beautiful looking interfaces with programming languages.

I'm currently working full-time for Trileotech , a cool web-development company. I am also developing a Discord Bot, Hanako to help me with various tasks on my Discord Server. I am also learning GraphQL and UI/UX. Before this, I just used to create various Node.js web-apps/programs to fulfill my needs. It has helped me polish my web-development skills.

I started learning about web-development in my early high-school, where I was introduced to HTML and CSS. I quickly started writing small webpages with simple HTML and little of CSS. After my high-school, I took some time to myself and explored the web development world more and found many frameworks. Out of all, I found my love for Vue.js. Since then, I've been mastering it, and with every new project I added a new tool, like TailwindCSS, Express and more.

You can find my projects on my Github or on my Portfolio page. I usually don't update my portfolio page but all my recent one's are on github.

Outside of my work-life, I love to play Valorant and CS:GO, listening to Em. on Spotify, or just hanging out on Discord with my friends. You can follow along about my life on my Instagram or Twitter . I post very rarely so you might not find many posts on either.

Credits to @readymade for header picture!